What it means.

The benefit to you in having completed the questionnaire is that you will be a part of the solution to creating a community that is comfortable for its residents to age in place.  

If Sausalito receives the WHO designation as an age-friendly city, additional partnerships and funding outside of Sausalito may become available.  Most importantly, WHO will monitor the work that the City is doing towards its strategic plan after three and five years.

We are all aging - we are all in this together.  

Questionnaires were mailed and made available on-line through this web site the first week of November.  Additional questionnaires were available at the Library, the Police Station and Bridgeway Gym.  2,400 questionnaires were mailed out and 1,190 responses were received.  We are delighted with the response.

Completed questionnaires will  provide critical information that will help us create a strategic plan that will be presented to the City Council to assist them in future planning.  In addition, the strategic plan will be part of an application to WHO to be considered for their designation as an Age-Friendly City.  If we receive this designation, WHO will monitor Sausalito's progress over a five year period.


The World Health Organization (WHO) defines an age-friendly city as one that is inclusive and accessible and promotes active aging.  

Sausalito has one of the fastest aging populations in the County.  In July, the City Council created the Age-Friendly Sausalito Task Force in response to this issue.  The purpose of the Task Force is to assess the current age-friendliness of the City and to develop a strategic plan to move it forward in a way that will be inclusive and accessible to everyone.  In short, make it a community that works for all.


What better way to make this assessment than to ask the residents themselves?  The first step was a questionnaire to residents 55 and older. Next will be focus groups including younger residents.

The benefits.

The questionnaire.

Live Well. Age Well.....

Age-Friendly Sausalito