The assessment.

Current projects.

Questionnaires were mailed and made available on-line through this web site the first week of November 2013.  Additional questionnaires were available at the Library, the Police Station and Bridgeway Gym.  2,400 questionnaires were mailed out and 1,190 responses were received by December 31st.  We are delighted with the response.

Completed questionnaires helped to provide critical information towards a baseline assessment of the City's age friendliness.  In addition to analyzing the survey data, Task Force members have interviewed key stakeholders and reviewed relevant research. Projects in response to the top three priorities are currently underway: Affordable Housing, Accessible Housing and Transportation.   


Affordable Housing

Age Friendly Sausalito is addressing the shortage of affordable housing by promoting Home Sharing and hosting Leslie Klor of ESC in a series of workshops.  Click on the Home Sharing Tab at the top of the page to learn more about Leslie's program.

Accessible Housing

Creating age friendly materials in cooperation with the Building and Planning Department as well as Housing Modification workshops will help to address issues of accessibility.  Our first workshop was held on Wednesday, October 21st in partnership with Sausalito Village and the City of Sausalito. It was a great success and spurred the discussion to create a streamline permit process for certain modifications for accessibility.  This is now in the works....stay tuned for more information!


The Age Friendly Task Force created an innovative senior transportation program to address the gap of services throughout the hills of town.  $15,000 in seed funding was granted by Marin Transit and an additional $9,000 was given by the City for the first year.  The program began in May 2015 and currently provides an average of 130 rides per month including evening rides to Library events.  The Washington Post highlighted Sausalito and CARSS for their work in a February 2016 article.  .  

Visit our new web site for 'Call A Ride for Sausalito Seniors' (CARSS):

What it means.

Three Year Strategic Plan of Action
​Marin Community Foundation and the Marin Board of Supervisors granted Age Friendly Sausalito funding to hire a consultant to assist in writing the 3 Year Plan of Action required by WHO.

​This plan is scheduled to be completed by June 2016.  

Susan Poor was hired as the consultant in May 2015 and is going through a thorough process of interviews, research and analysis.  Susan has a rich background in aging, is currently on the Executive Board of the National Village to Village Network, San Francisco Village and has done extensive research/work on age friendly issues.  

The Strategic Plan of Action will be a template for other age friendly cities in Marin County.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines an age-friendly city as one that is inclusive and accessible and promotes active aging.  A town that works for EVERYONE of every age and ability.

Sausalito has one of the fastest aging populations in the County.  Did you know that between the 2000 and 2010 census, the number of residents aged 60 and over, increased by a staggering 72%!!

In July of 2013, the City Council created the Age-Friendly Sausalito Task Force in response to this issue.  The purpose of the Task Force is to assess the current age-friendliness of the City and to develop a strategic plan to move it forward in a way that will be inclusive and accessible to everyone.  In short, make it a community that works for all.


This commitment was rewarded by the World Health Organization in March 2014 when the City of Sausalito became a member of the WHO Global Network of Age Friendly Cities and Communities - the first in Marin and third in the State.

Age-Friendly Sausalito