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The benefits to becoming an Age-Friendly City are simple - it will be a city that everyone can enjoy.  If something works for the oldest members of our community, chances are it will work for everyone in our community.

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Questionnaires were mailed and made available on-line through this web site the first week of November.  Additional questionnaires were available at the Library, the Police Station and Bridgeway Gym.  2,400 questionnaires were mailed out and 1,190 responses were received.  We are delighted with the response.

Completed questionnaires are providing critical information that will help  create a strategic plan that will be presented to the City Council to assist them in future planning.  In addition, this plan will be monitored by WHO over a five year period to insure that the commitment continues!

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The World Health Organization (WHO) defines an age-friendly city as one that is inclusive and accessible and promotes active aging.  A town that works for EVERYONE of every age and ability.

Sausalito has one of the fastest aging populations in the County.  Did you know that between the 2000 and 2010 census, the number of residents aged 60 and over, increased by a staggering 72%!!

In July of 2013, the City Council created the Age-Friendly Sausalito Task Force in response to this issue.  The purpose of the Task Force is to assess the current age-friendliness of the City and to develop a strategic plan to move it forward in a way that will be inclusive and accessible to everyone.  In short, make it a community that works for all.


This commitment was rewarded by the World Health Organization in March 2014 when the City of Sausalito became a member of the WHO Global Network of Age Friendly Cities and Communities - the first in Marin and third in the State.

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Age-Friendly Sausalito

Lee Pullen, Director of Aging Services for the County of Marin presented Mayor Ray Withy with a certificate of commendation from the Commission on Aging for becoming a member of the World Health Organization Global Network of Age Friendly Cities.