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Sausalito becomes first City in Marin County to join the WHO Global Network of Age Friendly Cities and Communities

Lee Pullen, Director of Aging Services for the County of Marin presented Mayor Ray Withy with a certificate of commendation from the Commission on Aging for becoming a member of the World Health Organization Global Network of Age Friendly Cities.

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The World Health Organization (W​HO) established the Global Network of Age-Friendly Cities in 2006 to prepare for the rapid aging of populations and increasing urbanization.  So far, only a handful of cities in the USA have applied and earned the designation.  The WHO age friendly certification process begins with an assessment of the City's current age-friendliness based on 8 different criteria: outdoor spaces and buildings, transportation, housing, social participation, respect and social inclusion, civic participation and employment, communication and information and community support and health services.  Following this assessment, the next step in the process is the development of a plan of action for moving the community forward as an Age-Friendly City.  WHO monitors the progress being made by the city in implementing its plan of action as part of a five year cycle. 


In March 2014, Sausalito was awarded membership into the WHO Global Network of Age Friendly Cities and Communities, the first City in Marin and the third City in the State of California.  The benefits to membership include communication with other Age Friendly Cities and their best practices and monitoring by the World Health Organization of our three year plan of action.

Additional Marin County cities are moving towards becoming members of the GNAFCC.  Interested cities are attending monthly meetings  held on the second Thursday of the month following the Marin Commission on Aging meetings at rotating venues.