Resources for Sausalito Seniors

Resources for Seniors

Resources for Seniors throughout the County

Sausalito Village has developed a resource list of County services from housing to transportation.  You can open up this directory by clicking on it at the top of the page, when you place your cursor over Resources for Seniors.  The Whistlestop in San Rafael also has a resource directory. This can also be opened up by clicking at the top of the page.

Age Friendly Sausalito Updates 

The City of Sausalito Parks and Recreation Magazine, sent quarterly to all City residents in the mail has updates of what is happening with Age Friendly Sausalito and CARSS.  The weekly email newsletter sent by the City of Sausalito called The Currents also has occasional updates as well as information about happenings of interest to all around town.  Click here to sign up: 

Edgewater Senior Club

"The Edgewater Senior Club of Sausalito have been meeting for 38 years. The many members meet for a variety of social gatherings, presentations, trips and friendly conversation. A large percentage of the club members are longtime residents of Sausalito and are an important part of our community." (from the web site)  Edgewater Senior Club meets the first and third Tuesday of the month in the Edgewater Room of City Hall.


Sausalito Village

"Sausalito Village is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the ability of our members  to live independently, remaining active and integral to our community as we age.  We share a desire to maintain comfortable and fulfilling lives, to stay in control of our lives, and to have a lot of fun along the way. When we wish to, we enjoy opportunities to participate in many events and activities, which help to keep us connected to each other and to the community. "

(from the web site)