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Age Friendly is partnering with Dominican University for Tai Chi Falls Prevention Classes.

Age Friendly Policies Proposed for Sausalito’s 20-year General Plan

Age Friendly Wins County Grant to Promote the Outdoors in Marin (beginning indoors)

Volunteers Opportunities

Help Plan the next Age Friendly Survey

Needed: (Socially Distanced) Walking Club Leaders

Become a Volunteer CARSS Driver

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Programs and Activities

Wondering What, When and Where are these Programs and how you can participate?

Check out Age Friendly Sausalito Programs you can be a part of now and see what our Age Friendly Neighbors are doing.

Also some of our past programs, and achievements for a more Age Friendly City

Helpful Resources

Emergency and Disaster Preparedness

The list Includes Covid-19 resources with special focus on support while Sheltering -In-Place

Here is a listing of helpful phone numbers and links to services and resources for Older Adults in Sausalito, Marin and beyond.

Free Online Tai Chi Classes

Dr. Kitsum Li, OT program director and associate professor in the School of Health and Natural Sciences, has received a grant from Marin County Health and Human Services (HHS) and Aging and Adult Services to partner with Age Friendly Sausalito to offer free online tai chi classes for adults age 60 and older residing in Marin County.

The 16-session online courses via Zoom begin once a week on Saturday morning, December 12, with afternoon sessions two times a week on Mondays and Wednesdays starting on December 14, and Tuesdays and Thursdays starting on December 15. Two more classes are scheduled to begin in January 2021.

The Spirit of Sausalito

The Age Friendly Initiative has been transformative for our community. It reveals the true heart and soul of what makes Sausalito so beloved and unique. It challenged us all to expand our vision of the future –as a community that seeks to work collaboratively by forming many partnerships—resulting ultimately in a renewed spirit of unity. Volunteering and promoting the well being of neighbors has become the norm instead of the realm of the few. Residents from every part of our community—old, young, public and private sectors, faith communities, service groups are working together in an inclusive, respectful and compassionate process to make our City a better place in which to grow up and grow old together.

Who We Are

We are Sausalito citizens working to make our City more accessible, accommodating, and inclusive for all residents. Community volunteers lead in every aspect of creating an Age Friendly and more Livable CIty. We work to make the changes that encourage older residents to stay more active, more connected, and more independent through all the phases of life. We believe a community that is better for older adults is a community that is better for everyone. The Age Friendly Task Force which provides a coordinating function, is now officially a Special Committee of the City of Sausalito, and works in collaboration with organizations throughout the Community, to enhance the quality, enjoyment and ease of life for residents of Sausalito.


Age Friendly Sausalito functions as a collaboration of the Age Friendly Task Force, composed of Resident Volunteers, The City of Sausalito, and generous hearted Community Groups . Our main partner is Sausalito Village. With whom we closely partner on many programs and services along with other valued partners including Rotary, Lions, and the local Faith communities. But really it seems like sooner or later nearly everyone in the City gets involved in one way or another to help with different programs, services, planning, and improvement projects. There’s room for everyone to participate, contribute and join the fun.

Age Friendly Programs

Age Friendly Sausalito' programs all come about by building partnerships. Along with and our primary partner Sausalito Village , We’ve created or enhanced sustainable programs that provide great value to the Community. Some of the more prominent programs are:

  • Call-a-Ride-Sausalito-Seniors (CARSS), a free volunteer driver service.

  • Age Friendly Home Adaptation Building Permit Waiver Program award winning program waives building permit fees for older residents.

  • Crosswalk Flags for Pedestrian Safety at busy intersections with no traffic signals.

  • Age Friendly MLK Park Neighborhood park with sport and exercise features for every age and stage of life.

Global and National Affiliations

Sausalito was designated an Age Friendly City by the World Health Organization (WHO), and a Livable Community by National AARP. We joined the WHO Global Network of Age Friendly Cities and Communities, in April of 2014, and the AARP Livable Communities in 2015. The City made the commitment for continuous improvement in the Eight Domains of Livability. As part of those designations, the city developed a 5 year strategic action plan, which will be evaluated, revised and updated every five years. Age Friendly Sausalito is also affiliated with the Age Friendly Marin Network and Sausalito Village. The task force is a special committee of the City of Sausalito, under the Department of Parks and Recreation.